Thursday, September 4, 2014


Yes!!!! It is finally September and that only means we are closer to my favorite season which is....FALL! September is pretty busy for us we have four birthdays in two weeks, yowzer! However September is still a fun filled project month because we love apples and it is when apple season starts for me and continues until thanksgiving. A trip to the apple orchards, some apple cider, apple pie, and apple projects. Along with our halloween stuff apples are a great fall subject. We started the morning off with an apple to share and some apples to paint with. Yum and fun!

Biggs is digging out the seeds to use for his picture!

Got one! Oh and please excuse his hair, I forgot to mention this was before 7:00 am! I now have a very early riser.
I cut an apple in half and we used it to paint with to see what kind of beautiful pattern it would make. Before anyone gets all crazy about wasting food or whatever this was a long forgotten apple it was wrinkling and getting weird no one would eat it; and don't judge you all have that one forgotten fruit or onion at the bottom of your produce bowl, lol!

I think they came out so pretty!
Moving on...

I painted Biggs' arm and fingers brown to make a tree with branches, then we did a green hand for leaves and he used his thumb to make sweet little red and yellow apples. He finished it off by gluing our apple seeds to the bottom "under the ground".

He's in focus and that's what counts, right?

Our finished product. Hope you enjoyed our first apple adventure ;-)

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