Thursday, September 25, 2014

Foam Sticker Stamps

We found these bags of Halloween foam stickers at the dollar store, they have them in most craft stores and craft sections. I was excited because it came with a lot of decent shapes for such a steal.  Biggs loves stickers so these were perfect. I was looking at them and watching him put tons of stickers on a paper and I thought there should be a way to stretch these out. If you know anything about stickers and kids then you know that it isn't a very long project and once they stick them everywhere they are gone, finito, a one time use! So.... I thought hmmmm what if I try to make them into stamps....

These are self adhesive (stickers) so I took between 3-5 of the same shape and stuck them on top of each other on a piece of cardboard.

There you have it! Awesome inexpensive stamps good to use every year.  You can use with an ink pad or with paint. We used them with a little bit of paint. When we were done I washed them off with a wet wipe.


Using those muscles!

I'm so glad they turned out because this is another project that can be made for every season and theme. 

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