Monday, September 29, 2014

A spin on Treasure Rocks

Biggs and I have made treasure rocks before and they were colorful and fun but I wanted to make some that looked a little more realistic and natural. Daddy made fun of me and said they look like dinosaur poop but I don't care! :-) We had fun discovering what was inside each one. Regular treasure rocks are baking soda and water but these were made out of coffee grounds, flour, baking soda, and water. The baking soda is in there so that when you spray it with vinegar it bubbles and foams and makes a cool sound. I made them the day before because they need to dry overnight to harden. We took them outside and Biggs started excavating! Fun! We found frogs and lizards in our rocks/dinosaur poop! Lol!!!

Wow! Biggs and his many goofy faces!

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