Thursday, April 23, 2015

Catching Up

Wow we have been so busy and I've been neglecting our poor little blog, however we have been visiting lots of family live and in the flesh and that's always better than a blog post so I know you all understand. What I'm going to do is just put a few things that we had done from the last couple weeks.

Here is Biggs making some pizza shapes and decorating them!

Here is lil brother aka Bruce Willis

Can't forget lots of playing with lil Pinkie!

On this particular day we wanted to make some snacks for a movie night and on the back of Biggs peanut butter cereal was a recipe for peanut butter bites. Here is the recipe. I must say they are quite delicious and easy to make. 

Today is a strange blustery day a storm is brewing and Biggs decided he needed to be a Box Troll. So here it is Box Troll Biggs!

Another shot of lil Willis

Friday, April 3, 2015

Egg paint bombs

I found this project here. I sadly did not come up with this super fun idea but what matters is that it was awesome and we will be doing it all the time. We eat eggs for breakfast almost everyday so there is no shortage of eggshells. I used a butter knife to just crack the top of the eggs rinsed them out and when we had enough I filled them with paint and covered them with a piece of tissue paper. Biggs had an awesome time throwing them and by the time he was done his clothes were covered in paint (it's washable but they were play clothes). I had a pink poster in the garage so that's what we used but you can use canvas, cardboard, or even a sheet! In a couple of the pictures you can see Biggs egg flying mid air, yeah awesome!

 Oh no!!!!! Egg on the loose!