Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Winter Wednesday

Biggs has an awesome Granmary! She let us know this morning that it snowed at their house so we ate breakfast got ready and drove to Papa and Granmarys house. There was snow on the whole drive up and there was a lot of excitement coming from the backseat!  After we played for a little bit (it was freezing) Biggs and Granmary gathered up some snow balls that he could bring home, we saved them in the freezer and then tried to build a snowman. We had so much fun on our winter Wednesday. Happy New Year everyone!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Hand and Footprint Ornaments

Using the same clear glass ornaments that we used for our pom pom ornaments we made some pretty sparkly hand and footprint ones!

I put a little bit of Mod Podge in the ornament with a drop or two of water to make it easy for Biggs to swirl around...

 Once it has covered the inside of the ornament we put some glitter we did two different shades of blue and Biggs shook it and swirled it around...

We then added his adorable little handprint, his name, amd the year!

He wanted to make another one but green, also if you'll notice lil brother got busy with his tiny little footprint! 

So yes I love these ornaments they are sweet little keepsakes. These clear ornaments are so fun and the possibilities are endless... they also go on sale right about now and after christmas at the craft store I know I will be stocking up for next year! 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Project Big Brother and Pom Pom Ornaments

It has been a slow couple of months with our projects mainly due to having been in the last months of pregnancy.  Well, now baby brother is finally here and we are trying to get back to normal so even though it's late in the month and Christmas is almost here I'm going to try to get our stuff up asap! Before we get to the project pics here is Biggs favorite project; Project Big Brother!

Biggs loves his little brother so much! If his brother cries he comes running to check on him. He has been such a good helper and I've been able to heal up nice and quick because of my sweet big helper! Thank you Biggs for being such a loving lil guy.

Biggs filled some clear glass ornaments with some fun sparkly pom poms.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Tree Light

Man it has been a while! We are patiently (trying to be patient) waiting for Biggs little brother to arrive and this Mama has been trying to take it easy but me and Biggs get bored and need our projects.  Today we made a little stained glass type christmas tree with our own little spin.  I have seen dozens of these in dozens of shapes for seasons or occasions they are easy and adorable.  You need contact paper, construction paper, tissue paper, a jar, and a candle. Cut out a christmas tree on your contact paper keep the sticky side up and decorate with tissue paper and then you have a sweet little stained glass look. You can hang it in the window or on the tree itself or you can do what we did and stick it on a jar and put a candle in it to give it a warm glowing effect! You can also put an electric light and use it as a nightlight!