Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Tree Light

Man it has been a while! We are patiently (trying to be patient) waiting for Biggs little brother to arrive and this Mama has been trying to take it easy but me and Biggs get bored and need our projects.  Today we made a little stained glass type christmas tree with our own little spin.  I have seen dozens of these in dozens of shapes for seasons or occasions they are easy and adorable.  You need contact paper, construction paper, tissue paper, a jar, and a candle. Cut out a christmas tree on your contact paper keep the sticky side up and decorate with tissue paper and then you have a sweet little stained glass look. You can hang it in the window or on the tree itself or you can do what we did and stick it on a jar and put a candle in it to give it a warm glowing effect! You can also put an electric light and use it as a nightlight!

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