Saturday, May 21, 2016

Where did a year go?

I was so good at posting until our new little brother arrived who (if you can believe) is almost 18 months!!!! I know right?! In all this time it's not that we aren't crafting and discovering but when I have a little one who likes to experiment with his mouth it gets tricky to take dozens of pictures with the good camera, so one mom armed with her cell phone camera and a few quick shots is all I've got these days. I have to be more hands on obviously with the little brother so I end up not getting shots or blurry ones and really to just be in the moment with them having fun is more important that pictures or blog posts. I do post a lot on Instagram now because a lot of friends and family are there but for everyone who isn't a gramer person I will try to have a monthly (biweekly ideally) blog for anyone who's still interested in this. Here are some pictures and projects from the last few months. Enjoy!
We were into winter and wishing we had some snow so we made some with cornstarch and lotion. It's really really fun to mold and if you leave your lotion in the fridge or freezer beforehand it's nice and cold and snowy!

Auntie Kaity had come to visit and she knew how to make cake pops so we whipped up some monster ones that were so cute and tasty! Lot's of fun if you ever get the chance to make them.

This is little brother Bubby/Brutus/Bruce Illest/or Jackson painting with watercolors since I figured it was the hardest for him to eat lol.

Some fizzy soapy glittery experiment that we had way too much fun with we couldn't stop concocting new colors and variations of ingredients, thank you to Susie who sent me the idea!

This lovely spring day we went to help Gramma feed the tortoises. Bubby was so excited to pet one until it wanted a nibble of his shoe haha.

Jim and Susie sent the boys some sidewalk paint in their Easter package and we had a blast painting the driveway. The neighbors came over to comment how beautiful our driveway was. It lasted a while until we had an unusual rainstorm; what is with this weather anyway?

Another springtime crafty craft! Making our own birdbath/feeder it turned out so beautiful and it's one of my favorite projects they've done!

Bored and in the kitchen we made rainbow spaghetti!

Biggs squish art! We went to a dollar store and bought two frames for each squish art. Two frames make one, put paint down on the glass and put another piece of glass on top and it squishes the paint together it really makes unique paintings. The two glass usually fit back into the one frame, voila!

Bubby's squish art! Oh and both boys picked out their own colors that was interesting to see how they mixed and blended some colors that I wouldn't think to put together. They came out so pretty!

It's about that time to order our caterpillars again (waiting for this odd weather to decide what it wants) and we wanted to make some butterfly pictures with some bowtie pasta that we always have on deck. Biggs is the bottom one and I helped Bubby with the top.

Rich and I have been reading to Biggs since he was about 7 months and he would sit and listen and really enjoy the book and pictures (Bubby is a different story) so when he told me that he would like to get into the Goosebumps series I knew he'd be able to sit and listen to a chapter book with no pictures. We are currently reading a new one since we finished his first one. This is what he was inspired to draw after finishing the book!

Well you are pretty much caught up! We made this Cherry Blueberry pie on Friday! 

If you made it this far than we thank you for sharing all our fun with us! Hopefully see you next month with more pictures and projects!

P.S. I don't know why the last few pics and text are all wonky I tried to fix it but... sorry.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Painted Lady Metamorphosis

Our caterpillars morphed into butterflies!

I apologize for my camera work, who knew it was so hard to capture pictures of butterflies on a windy day! Lol! We are definately going to order some more caterpillars it was so fun watching them grow and spin into their chrysillas and then emerge as beautiful butterflies. 

We were so inspired we couldn't stop so here are a couple other butterfly projects we worked on over the last week or so...

 Life cycle of a butterfly with different pasta noodles, we used orzo for the eggs, spiral for the caterpillars, shells for the chrysalis, and bowtie for the butterflies. 

We couldn't make enough of these Rorschach butterflies, just drip some paint and fold in half, easy peasy and beautiful.

I know that I haven't been keeping up with this blog as much as I want/should but we are constantly visiting someone, running errands, or just having too much fun and it's hard to photog with a baby in my arms haha. Speaking of baby here he is getting soooooo big!
Thanks for stopping by. ♥

Friday, May 22, 2015

Windsock and Caterpillars

We have had some weird weather so we had fun playing with Biggs windsock. We also finally received our caterpillars they have already grown so much in the past couple of days and we are waiting patiently for them to spin themselves up and turn into chrysilide. Biggs wakes up every morning and checks on them and gives me the update of how much they are growing. Lol.

 I know you missed this punim!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Catching Up

Wow we have been so busy and I've been neglecting our poor little blog, however we have been visiting lots of family live and in the flesh and that's always better than a blog post so I know you all understand. What I'm going to do is just put a few things that we had done from the last couple weeks.

Here is Biggs making some pizza shapes and decorating them!

Here is lil brother aka Bruce Willis

Can't forget lots of playing with lil Pinkie!

On this particular day we wanted to make some snacks for a movie night and on the back of Biggs peanut butter cereal was a recipe for peanut butter bites. Here is the recipe. I must say they are quite delicious and easy to make. 

Today is a strange blustery day a storm is brewing and Biggs decided he needed to be a Box Troll. So here it is Box Troll Biggs!

Another shot of lil Willis