Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rain Clouds

Since it is January and winter somewhere far away we are learning about clouds and rain/snow. I have seen this project a few places but always in a small jar. We don't do small, so we made a giant raincloud! We talked about what a cloud is and made up of then we got to work making our own. Shaving cream, water, dropper, and food coloring. Put some water in a container, cover the top with shaving cream, and drop blue colored water onto the cloud (shaving cream) and practice your patience waiting for your cloud to fill up and rain! Was pretty fun if I do say so!

Didn't I tell you in a previous post, three year olds are notorious for goofy faces. Ahh Biggs I love you!

It is pretty exciting.

Look at that, our cloud has started raining! Woo woo!

Solar Dino Robot


Does anyone else feel like time is flying by? Yikes! Well we have been doing projects but with some bumps along the way we have gotten behind on the posts so I will be playing catch up for a bit.  Our awesome cousin gave Biggs a solar powered Dinobot and he got to help assemble it, it was pretty cool! Thanks cousin! We put this together before we got our amazing rain storms!!!

For some reason when a child is approaching three they no longer like to make nice faces it's like they can't physically not make a goofy face! Lol!

I love this, my little engineer.

Yes he learned how to use the screwdriver. If anybody needs a tiny handyman he's well on his way!

It works, amazing!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Frozen Fun Ice Cream

On our warm winter day we wanted to play with something cold and frozen so we had a pretend ice cream party! I froze shaving cream and made some sprinkles out of colored star pasta. This wasn't my idea I saw it here. I used cocoa powder for the chocolate, couple drops of pink food coloring, and left some white. I found some color changing spoons at the dollar store and gave Biggs some scoopers and cupcake holders. It was really fun and looked and felt just like ice cream, so much so that Biggs forgot and took a taste LOL, was pretty funny. What made this really fun though was that I was getting my pretend ice cream from none other than... BatMan!!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Butter in a jar & Melted Snowman

Friday was daddy's birthday and we wanted to make him pancakes but we wanted to make them extra special so we made our own butter and buttermilk! Let me tell you, if you've never made butter than you must! It was so fun and satisfying and I can honestly say I had more fun with it than Biggs did. If you want to make it just google "butter in a jar".  It was easy and a workout and I definitely will make it again in the future. Basically you take heavy whipping cream pour it in a jar with two marbles and shake it for 15 mins and you will have butter. The exciting part comes in watching the transformation and then being amazed that you and your toddler made something so darn useful! We buttered our pancakes with it and used the butter milk in the pancake mix they were delicious. I also finished using the butter in my german chocolate cake cupcakes! Yum!

Biggs is a pro at pouring! We measured 1 cup of cream.

Put it in the jar...

drop in the marbles...

shake? Really ma?  I get to shake this jar?!

Heck yeah!

This is when it got thick and I got to take over the shaking. Next time I might just put a little in a baby food jar so he can do the whole process.

Here it is, our butter about 1/2 cup and the butter milk. Sorry no pictures of the pancakes we were too busy eating!

 Today our project was a melted snowman which is quite fitting since it's warm and sunny where we live right now ;-(

I'm a little snowman
Short and fat
Here is my broomstick 
Here is my hat
When the sun comes out
I melt away...
Down, down, down, down,
I'm a puddle!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Snow on the Road

Since it is winter everywhere else but southern CA we have to pretend it's a winter wonderland. I swear today it was in the 80's, yikes! Anyway, we have a glass table so I made some roads with black construction paper and taped them under the table so Biggs could drive his cars and thought it would be so much fun to do it in the snow! I put a generous amount of shaving cream on the road with some glitter and we had our own winter storm! You don't have to have a glass table to have this messy fun though, all you would need is a clear table cover or shower curtain. I may even leave it there and get fancy with some ponds and trees etc...