Thursday, January 29, 2015

Solar Dino Robot


Does anyone else feel like time is flying by? Yikes! Well we have been doing projects but with some bumps along the way we have gotten behind on the posts so I will be playing catch up for a bit.  Our awesome cousin gave Biggs a solar powered Dinobot and he got to help assemble it, it was pretty cool! Thanks cousin! We put this together before we got our amazing rain storms!!!

For some reason when a child is approaching three they no longer like to make nice faces it's like they can't physically not make a goofy face! Lol!

I love this, my little engineer.

Yes he learned how to use the screwdriver. If anybody needs a tiny handyman he's well on his way!

It works, amazing!

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  1. You could probably build a house for me, Biggs. Great job.