Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rain Clouds

Since it is January and winter somewhere far away we are learning about clouds and rain/snow. I have seen this project a few places but always in a small jar. We don't do small, so we made a giant raincloud! We talked about what a cloud is and made up of then we got to work making our own. Shaving cream, water, dropper, and food coloring. Put some water in a container, cover the top with shaving cream, and drop blue colored water onto the cloud (shaving cream) and practice your patience waiting for your cloud to fill up and rain! Was pretty fun if I do say so!

Didn't I tell you in a previous post, three year olds are notorious for goofy faces. Ahh Biggs I love you!

It is pretty exciting.

Look at that, our cloud has started raining! Woo woo!

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