Monday, September 22, 2014

Tub Time Paint

This evening I made some bathtub paint. It was super quick and easy. I used Biggs shampoo it's clear and for kids so it doesn't sting if it gets in his eyes, food coloring, and corn starch. I didn't measure anything, I poured each cup about half full with shampoo then two drops of food color in each cup and a spoonful of cornstarch in each and mixed it up! The colors came out beautiful and I will NEVER buy tub paint again! I used neon food coloring and reg food color and I almost climbed in just to paint with Biggs, lol! Also we didn't use all of them so if they dry a little, tomorrow night we can just add a little water and mix it up! Now that I love this paint I think I will make a big batch and store in some plastic containers! Because it is made with soap the food coloring doesn't stain at all and makes the water a pretty shade of whatever color you dropped in. Again, it's made with soap so when we cleaned it off before he got out of the tub it made the tub sparkling clean, so I'm going to toss him in the other bathroom to clean, I mean paint! :-)
Colors are so vibrant!

Biggs wanted his shell to match his head.

I don't know if this is some intense concentration, a guilty face, or killer clown! LOL! Spooky!

Is he mocking me? Is this what mommy looks like when I put on my makeup? Haha!

 Sorry for lack of really good pictures I kept putting the camera down to paint with Biggs and also didn't want to get any nudie pics haha.

Clear soap/shampoo preferably kid friendly
Liquid watercolors/food coloring
Corn Starch

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