Friday, September 26, 2014

My sweet boy

I just wanted to take a second and brag about my sweet lil guy. He says funny/cute stuff everyday but it's the really sweet things that always stay with me.  The other day we were grocery shopping and we stopped at the deli counter to get Daddy some roast beef. The woman working the deli sliced the meat and I lifted up Biggs so he could watch he thought that was really cool. When she was finished she came over to weigh it and Biggs said "wow, you did a really good job"! When he sees me getting ready to go anywhere he will tell me "you look beautiful mommy" or this morning when I was brushing my teeth he said "good job mommy, you're a big girl" haha! It's amazing how someone so small can have such a capacity to love and be positive and encouraging. He constantly tells us that he is proud of us when we accomplish something, and it's awesome having my own little cheerleader. His new thing is he asks me "are you thinking what I'm thinking?" and I say "I don't know, what are you thinking?" and he says "that I love you so much"!  At dinner even if he won't eat what I made, lol, he will always thank me for making it. I just love my little guy so much and can't wait for our new addition to multiply the love. Anyway wanted to get these things down so I never forget and share them with our friends and family.

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