Sunday, September 14, 2014

Birthday Weekend

Hi everyone,
It's been a while since I have posted a project, mostly due to the fact that we have been super busy baking and hanging out with lots of family because we had several birthdays. Sept 11th was Papas birthday and we celebrated with them and cousin Lilah who just turned two today!! Happy Birthday lil one! Also Gramma is about to celebrate the big 70!! Woo hoo! We celebrated her this weekend with more family and more of Biggs cousins. Biggs did a couple projects with his cousin that we can share with you all.

Started with some water bead fun!
 Somebody has got that concentration face on again lol!

I cut out some apple shapes and let the kids put glue and sequins to decorate them, they came out beautiful!

I then decided to make "potato ghosts" I cut a potato in half and carved a face into it and we used them as a stamp to make lil ghosties!

They could use their hands to stamp but I find that the fork is easier for them to grip.

One of Biggs cousins making some awesome ghosts :-)


Thank you and hope to have many more projects coming up. :-)


  1. I noticed the snack( cracker) is whole in one picture and a small bite taken out of it in the next picture. How cute.

    1. Lol!! Thanks for pointing that out, so funny. All that concentration works up an appetite!