Friday, September 19, 2014

Frankenstein Feet

Whew, what's that smell? Is it Frankenstein feet? I have seen a few of these on pinterest and elsewhere and showed Biggs and he loved it and wanted to make some of his own. We were in a store the other day and they had the movie Frankenstein plates and he wanted one so he's been talking about Frankenstein for a few days now. He's not quite sure though because he doesn't like that he looks sad. Tonight he made a point to say that he wanted his Frankenstein feet to look "happy!". How do you make a Frankenstein foot, or rather what we call "Rankenstein"? Well, start with one happy handsome guy!

Paint the ticklish feet...

Stomp down like a lil monster....

Glue some cute lil googly eyes...

Draw on some smiley faces, sit back and give yourself a hand!
You just made some lil Rankensteins!!!

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