Saturday, September 20, 2014

Memory Lane

I suppose I was feeling a bit nostalgic, and I wanted to find the pictures from some of Biggs very first projects. Some are so cute I thought I'd share them with all of you. This first pic is Biggs at 7 months old in his highchair with some spoons and flour it was his first "sensory" play and he had so much fun!

 This is really what motivated me to look thru some old photos because his little Franken Feet reminded me of his very first Halloween project which was his little ghost feet! So sweet!
Baby Biggs 7 months 
I believe it was a card we were making for someone so after the ghosts dried he got to color the inside and this was the very first time he got to use crayons! Looking back I think "gosh, he was so little" but he's always shown an interest in trying new things and I thought "why not let him try these things a little early?" and I think it's really paid off. He loves art and being creative and using his imagination. I really believe it's so important to get them started as soon as you know they are capable. It just really gets those brains all wrinkly! 
It was so fun going down memory lane and I have so many early projects to share that I thought it might be fun to post an oldie every so often. I know I enjoy seeing baby Biggums every now and then. ;-)

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  1. So cute - so little! His concentration's the same tho!! Nice to be reminded just how much he's grown & so quickly. He's such a 'big boy' now and still as cute & sweet as ever! xoxo A.Lynn