Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sticky Paint

Biggs had fun playing with some homemade paint, "sticky paint". It's corn syrup and food coloring (or liquid watercolors) mixed together. Our paintings came out really pretty, when they are completely dry they still look wet giving it a nice glossy look! It also works for a fun textured painting as well. It's pretty sticky so Biggs had the most fun using his fingers and hands because the brush is a little hard to work with.

Biggs wanted his hands cleaned off but still wanted to paint so I put some wax paper over the paint and he could draw and push the paint all around.

 We used a popsicle stick to drip the paint and when it dried it still had all the droplets raised for a nice texture-ized 3d painting!

The picture doesn't do this one justice but it is so pretty and shiny this one is definitely getting hung up! Good job Biggs! 

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