Friday, August 29, 2014

Ice Age

Okay, so today I think I had more fun than Biggs! I made a huge ice block with dinosaurs, shells, rocks, plants, snakes, spiders and lizards all frozen in layers and we had to dig them out. Biggs learned a new word "excavate" and we got to pretend to be animal rescuers! This adventure took some planning and about three days of freezing due to the different layers but it was totally worth the wait.  I can't wait to do this again with different animals, maybe sea creatures. Biggs was so cute he kept saying, "don't worry dinosaurs we're coming!" and every time he got something out he cheered for himself. It was pretty satisfying getting them all out and we stayed cool while practicing our patience. I think we were outside for about an hour trying to save every last thing from the ice. Once we were done we brought in all of our treasures and sorted and counted everything, fun and educational!
Here it is out of the bowl I had added some food coloring that's why it looks all green and murky!

Up until this point we had only found rocks and shells, we were excited to save this little guy.

After some team work we finally got him!

He got bored with the other side so we flipped it over and there were so many new things to explore.

Biggs decided he wanted to put the block in his water table, it was a good change.

Here he is showing off his muscles.

All of our hard work sorted and counted and ready for another frozen adventure!

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