Sunday, August 24, 2014

Naughty or Nice

So most of you who know us know that Biggs is one of the sweetest and kindest little boys EVER! However he can turn into a little booger pretty quick and lately he has had the attitude of a 12 year old! I know, right now you are saying, "biggs? never!" but honestly he can backtalk like a hormonal teenager and whine like a toddler at the same time and that combo makes me want to scream so.... today was just one of those days and I thought: timeout just isn't cuttin it all the time.  He is getting older and mentally he is smart enough to handle some harsher consequences so I made a naughty or nice chart.

I never said I was an artist!  
I just made some simple stickers of some things that are important to him so that he knows what they are without being able to read. The whole point is to make him responsible for keeping his privileges and when he loses them he has to physically move his little smiley face and put a sad face. I'm hoping this makes a bigger impact than me just telling him "you lost stories, you have to go to bed early, etc..." Hopefully when he has a visual reminder all day that he has lost something his attitude will get better. Every morning he will switch out the sad faces with smiley faces and have a new chance to keep his privileges. Positive reinforcement! With a growing personality we are bound to have bad days and with this I hope that we can minimize them! I used sticky velcro and put it up on a wall where he can reach.
Nice = Happy

Naughty = Sad
I said be happy 

and now be sad! I love it!

If you want to make one it's pretty simple: cookie sheet or something magnetic, clear contact paper, velcro (some way to hang it up) and magnets (you could pick a nice color and a naughty color) I made mine with flat glass marbles, marker, mod podge, glitter, and magnets.


  1. I love it too! He's adorable, naughty or nice LOL! A.Lynn

  2. He's always an "angel " in GranMary's eyes. Hehehehe just kidding. Unfortunately I have seen his naughty side and your struggle with that. I hope this proves success.