Thursday, August 28, 2014

Window Stickers

Last night we attempted to make some window stickers. I have been seeing them all over the internet and thought we'd give it a try. I bought some glue at the dollar store and mixed some food coloring in and we got started!

It was super fun and we put some in cookie cutters to make shapes and then we freestyled our own. Unfortunately this morning the few that were dry were super stuck to the wax paper I had them on and couldn't get them off without ripping the paper and having it stick to the glue :-( We were sad but then I said "Biggs, never give up!" lol so I got out some plastic sheets I had and we made new ones this morning!

 While we were waiting for our experiment Biggs went outside to do some cleaning!

 I set up a little clothesline for him and gave him some old baby clothes and dish towels and put him to work! He also brought out one of his pots and some of his play dishes to wash! 

This kid bugs me everyday to play outside but I hate it cause it's so darn hot, so I set all this up for him and after about 20 minutes he climbs in the dog door and says it's too hot outside and leaves me out there! The nerve! Anyway it gave us a chance to check out our new stickers.

That was the secret, the plastic, because when a few dried I got them off easy peasy and stuck em to the window! We are still waiting for the cookie cutter ones to dry they will probably take another day. Hopefully they turn out. I see so many of these things on other blogs or on pinterest and sometimes they don't give all the information and so everything is a learning process for me and for biggs. 

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