Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sweet, slimy sunday!

A few weeks ago Biggs made some green slime and it turned out awesome! He has recently seen Ghost Busters 1&2 and he wanted to make some pink slime like the movie; so today that was part of our mission, the other part was to make some delicious chocolate chip cookies!

Putting the chocolate chips in...

dumping em out making sure I drop a few

so I can EAT THEM!!!

What? Oh I have chocolate on my face! 

So Biggs wanted to add some pink and orange glitter to our slime and the texture didn't come out as great as our green slime but it sure was loads of fun!

To make the slime: 
4 Tbsp Borax
1 and 1/3 warm water

1 Cup White glue
 A few drops Food color/kool aid or half a tsp
1 cup of water

Mix borax and warm water till borax dissolves set to the side.
Mix the water color and glue together then pour into the borax mixture, do not mix just kind of roll it in your hands 4-5 times then pull it out and knead it!  It's super fun!

And we end it all with a fresh baked cookie!

Wow nice face Biggs!

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  1. He is the cutest ever! So expressive & photogenic. Love that concentration - really gets into the zone!! xoxo Lynn