Friday, August 15, 2014


If you know me then you know that I'm generally not a huge fan of sweets but when I'm pregnant the monster comes out!  I have been craving root beer floats for so long, and today my friends, is the day!  I got to the store and decided I no longer wanted root beer I wanted cream soda (or should I say the baby decided, yes let's blame it on the baby).  I also changed my mind about a float and decided we were going to make popsicles instead. Of course though, with my brain (these days) I grabbed slow churned which turns out to be incredibly soft and addictive but not sure how that would work for a popsicle. So my dream of a float turned popsicle has now turned creamsicle! Yes! Also Max was delighted to make them and since I'm a strict no sweets kind of mom this will be the first time he's tasting a soda, and you would think this is christmas morning. He also rarely gets ice cream and I let him finish the last two bites that wouldn't fit, so that should earn me.... a few hours of "best mom ever"!
Is it just me, or does anyone else love this kids concentration?!
Mouth open definitely helps make sure it all makes it in!
So satisfying to get those lids on, let me tell ya.

So proud!

And here is the kicker!  After dinner they weren't quite done and this guy couldn't wait, so..... he ate his in a bowl! After all that work geeze!

So I replaced the small pop handles with actual popsicle sticks so they would go all the way thru making it easier to pull out and... so awesome!!! Delicious!

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  1. Love his concentration & all of his other expressions too! Looks yummy!!