Thursday, March 26, 2015

Egg Paint

So way back in the day (like before year 1500) paint was made with egg yolk and called egg tempera. Today we made some of our own using some spices I had in the cupboard and some fun neon food coloring. I wanted to paint some eggs with egg so I did another few "blow out" eggs and we mixed up some egg and water with our colors.  Typically I think you just use the yolk but because of the blow out method the yolk gets mixed with the whites when it comes out and I didn't want to waste the eggs so if we, I mean when we do this again we will do straight egg yolk and water. I think it came out really pretty and I love the finish it has when it dries. I think I will be more prepared next time with more spices or diff juices that can make an array of colors. What we had on hand though worked great and was a learning experience for me and Biggs!

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